iSkor FAQs

What is iSkor?

iSkor lets you have your say about anything instantly. Share your opinions. Find out what's happening. Discover new interests, make new friends.

Can I follow my friends on iSkor?

Yes you can. Follow your friends and people who interest you.

Why a 5-point rating system?

5 point ratings are easy to understand. With iSkor's coloured rating scale, expressing opinion is easy and quick.

Can I change my ratings?

Yes you can. We all change our mind sometimes or even make mistakes. You can change your rating at any time. You can even make previous ratings private or public.

Can I create my own 5-point rating system?

Yes you can. You can change the labels of your ratings to be your own. You can even add your own pictures!

How is my privacy protected on iSkor?

iSkor takes privacy very seriously. When using iSkor you will see small icons displaying who can see your ratings.

Can be seen by all iSkor users
Can be seen by you and your iSkor followers
Can only be seen by you

Simply click on the privacy icon to choose your preferred privacy setting.

Where does iSkor come from?

iSkor is developed in Australia. Independent of government and commercial interests, iSkor is a proud advocate of free speech and truth on the internet.

Why the name?

iSkor is short for independent simple key object rating.

How can I get iSkor?

Any more questions?


More about iSkor

Share with Chrome Extension

It's easy to rate and share content instantly with iSkor's extension for Chrome.

Android and iOS

Why not delete all other apps on your phone and install iSkor? It's the only one you'll need.

Flexible Webmaster features

Webmasters can invite opinion about things on their website using the iSkor webmaster button. For details see our short Webmaster's Tutorial.

Get Started With iSkor

Download iSkor for your browser, register and you are ready to go. Its that simple.